Belparts patent update

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Belparts Group NV (“Belparts”) would like to inform that it has entered into a confidential settlement with Belimo Holding AG, Belimo Automation AG and Belimo Aircontrols. This settlement results in a termination of all worldwide litigation and validity challenges on the Belparts patents by Belimo. “Belparts is pleased to have resolved its long lasting dispute with Belimo, so we can now refocus with priority on innovation to the benefit of our customers”, says Jan Ulens, CEO of Belparts..

In this context, Belparts wants to provide an update on its patent strategy related to intelligent electronic and pressure independent control valves for HVAC systems. These control valves are used in heating, cooling or sanitary systems. Belparts is the registered owner of European Patent 2 307 938 B2 (“EP’938”) which is the basic patent for over a dozen granted global patents that protect innovative aspects of such pressure independent electronic control valves.

On 21 September 2022, the European Patent Office published the grant of a new European Patent (EP 3 812 870 B1) which is a divisional patent originating from the EP’938 patent family. This new European Patent is of utmost relevance for Belparts, since its scope is broader than of all other family members of the EP’938 patent family. Belparts is proud to offer its customers a truly innovative patented technology. Pursuant to the claims of EP 3 812 870 B1 (the precise wording of the claims can be found here) a pressure independent flow control system suited for use in a piping circuit of such a system is protected. Furthermore, the protected flow control system comprises a controller and an ultrasonic flow sensor.

To further bolster Belparts’ patent footprint, the filing of a further divisional application originating from EP’938 is currently prepared. Belparts is confident that this divisional application will add further value to its current patent portfolio.

Belparts welcomes any questions about its patent strategy and is delighted to explain such strategy in bilateral discussions. As in the past, Belparts is closely monitoring the developments on the market for electronic pressure independent control valves for HVAC systems.

Jan Ulens, CEO
Gert Beckers, Head of Sales & Business Development