Motorized butterfly valves for every application

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Belparts Products Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves (throttling valves) provide secure shut-off of circuits

Belparts motorized butterfly valves enable secure isolation of water flows in various applications, such as HVAC, industrial process control, water treatment systems, energy management systems and fire suppression systems.

Motorized butterfly valves (throttling valves)

Belparts motorized butterfly valves have a simple design and work reliably, so they are often used in different HVAC and industrial applications. The butterfly valves come in sizes from DN25 to DN500.

In addition to the essential components, we also offer additional options, including:

  • Fail-safe versions: for added safety and reliability in case of failing power supply.
  • Protection rating IP66: suitable for use in demanding environments with respect to dust and water resistance.
  • Special Kvs value: for specific flow capacities tailored to your application.
  • Equiprocent control characteristic: to ensure uniform control of flow.
  • Valve made of plastic (PVC) or INOX stainless steel: for different chemical and environmental conditions.

Belparts products ensure reliability, longevity and performance, helping to regulate flow in different industrial applications.

Butterfly valves specifications:

  • Type of connections: flanged connection PN6/10/16 with centering lug
  • DN size: DN25 to DN500
  • Temperature range: -10..+120°C
  • Material valve body: cast iron
  • Electric actuator: AC 24 Volt or AC 230 Volt
  • Control signal Y: on/off

The butterfly valves are divided into the following series:

  • VB2F_A / VB2F_L
  • VHB2F_

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