Permanent innovation, high quality

Dynamx DXC

At Belparts, product design always stems from market needs . Moreover, every component is built with functionality, quality and reliability foremost in our mind. All of this with one goal: to generate added value for end-users, installers, system integrators and building owners alike.

Market driven innovation

We constantly strive for product and system optimizations. Our engineers incorporate the latest proven technological developments into the design of new HVAC components and understand how to combine high quality with product affordability.

Continuous product optimization

Our engineers work in a spirit of continuous improvement. We create better field devices that increase quality and comfort, while reducing costs. Our broad field experience enables us to rapidly identify optimization opportunities.

Creating revolutionary innovations

We do not hesitate to design new concepts and products that overcome fundamental issues with comfort, commissioning and maintenance. We think one step beyond and revolutionize the way HVAC systems are conceived.

Environmental awareness

Belparts strives to minimize the environmental impact of each of its activities. Environmental awareness is fostered by initiating action plans at all levels of our organization. In addition, the field components that we develop are designed to consume less energy and do not contain any toxic materials or gases.

A leading player for more than two decades

Belparts was established in 1987 by professionals from the HVAC industry. Since then we have developed a reputation for intelligent product design and reliable solutions. Our company has enjoyed a healthy success ever since its inception.

Shared competence and values

The Belparts staff shares a common passion for technology, product design, quality and HVAC applications. Each of our team members is both customer- and results-oriented, and is trained to think ‘innovation’. Integrity and responsibility are prerequisites for every employee.