HVAC thermostats and protections

HVAC thermostaten en regelingen
Belparts Products Thermostats and protections

Reliable thermostats for effective climate control

Thermostats help with climate control in HVAC systems by measuring, controlling and monitoring various factors, such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, flow and air pressure.

Belparts offers a full range of switching elements such as:

  • Duct thermostats: duct thermostats are used to measure and control the temperature in air ducts.
  • Immersion thermostats: immersion thermostats are used for applications where the temperature of liquids or gases must be accurately monitored, such as in piping systems and boilers.
  • Safety thermostats for fan heaters: safety thermostats ensure safe operation of fan heaters by monitoring the temperature and shutting down the system in abnormal conditions.
  • Installation thermostats: installation thermostats are used in various environments, the thermostats provide reliable temperature control for indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Capillary thermostats with 1 or 2 changeover contacts: capillary thermostats feature a capillary tube system for remote temperature measurement, and can be used for a variety of applications where simple temperature control is foreseeable.
  • Anti-freeze thermostats: anti-freeze thermostats are used to prevent freezing by turning on heating systems when the temperature drops below a certain level.
  • Flow switch: flow switches are used to detect the flow of air or water, and can be integrated into HVAC systems to monitor flow. they can thus prevent potential damage due to lack of flow.
  • Pressostats: differential pressure switches for air or water used to monitor and control pressure in HVAC systems.
  • Hygrostats: humidity controllers monitor and control the relative humidity in rooms, maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Belparts thermostats are chosen with care to guarantee dependable performance. They can control temperatures, measure pressure levels or keep the right humidity levels for your HVAC system. Belparts has the solution for your needs.

The thermostats and protections are divided into the following series:


  • ATR83_
  • WR81_
  • JAT_
  • KR85_
  • KR80_
  • JET_
  • LR80_
  • JET.4_ / JET_R_

Safety thermostats

  • JTU_
  • JTL_

Frost protection thermostaten

  • JTF_

Flow switch

  • JSL_
  • JSF_


  • DP.02/03/05/10
  • DP_


  • HI_

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