HVAC sensors

HVAC sensoren

HVAC sensors for a healthy indoor environment

Belparts HVAC sensors deliver fast and precise measurements of various values. Measuring temperature, air velocity, humidity, pressure differentials and air quality accurately is crucial for creating comfort and indoor climate in any building.

Belparts offers a full range of sensors including:

  • Temperature Sensors
    • Channel Sensors
    • Immersion Sensors
    • Cable Sensors
    • Attachment Sensors
    • Outdoor sensors
  • Air Speed Sensors
  • Relative humidity sensors (outdoor and duct)
  • Combined probes temperature(T°) and relative humidity (rH)
  • Condens sensors
  • Pressure transducers for air, water, glycol-water and oil
  • Differential pressure transducers for water and air
  • Room Sensors
  • CO2 sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Multi-sensors

Belparts is committed to offering reliable, top-grade sensors that suit the particular needs of building management system. The sensors can function as passive sensors or active sensors (0..10Vdc / 4..20mA) or communicative: MODBUS or BACnet. They can be installed with or without LCD display

The sensors are divided into the following series:

Temperature T°

  • Temperature sensors: QT.X
  • Channel sensors: QT.G
  • Channel sensors average value: QT.G.GW
  • Cable sensors: QT.C
  • Immersion sensors: QT.T
  • Attachment sensors: QT.AP
  • Outdoor sensors: QT.E

Air speed

  • Air speed sensors (+ temperature): QVT

Relative humidity rH

  • Relative humidity sensors outdoor: QHT.E1
  • Relative humidity sensors duct: QHT.G
  • Condens sensors: QH.TPS

Pressure (air, water, glycol-water, oil)

  • Pressure sensors: QP.W91

Pressure difference Δp (water)

  • Differential pressure sensors: QP.W92

Pressure difference Δp (air)

  • Differential pressure sensors: QP.94
  • Differential pressure sensors: QP.95

Room sensors

  • Room temperature sensors: QT.A
  • I/O modules: QIOR
  • Relative humidity sensors room: QHT.A1
  • CO2 sensors: QCO2

Smoke detectors

  • Smoke detectors: SR.K

If you need more information or have questions about our products. Please feel free to contact us.