dynamx™ intelligent flow control valves for smart buildings

dynamx™ dxLink21, our APP that simplifies your work

You can install and commission your terminal controls with ease: our dynamx™ control valves and the dynamx™ APP make it simple for you. You can access all the information you need quickly and conveniently on your smartphone or tablet.

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How dynamx™
helps you seven times over

Your search for highly skilled personnel for installing, commissioning and running your hydronic HVAC systems gets more complicated every day? We’ve put technology at work for you. dynamx™ One puts all hydronic knowledge in one intelligent control valve.

Registered community design RCD N° 001167076-0001, N° 001167076-0002
European patent Nr. EP2307938, Nr. EP2706425, Nr. EP4177697
US patent Nr. 9823666, Nr. 10394257
Chinese patent Nr. ZL200880130728.9

dynamx™ One combines five components in one: a flow control valve, a pressure-independent inlet valve, a shut-off valve, a change-over valve and where relevant a temperature controller. The result: less components, less work, a gain of time and money.

A different temperature in each and every office and workspace? dynamx™ One controls the flow rate based on the actual demand: the right amount of energy at the right time to the right place. Just what is needed. It makes your installation extremely energy-efficient.

dynamx™ One automatically sends the right amount of flow rate through the pipes of your HVAC system. Which means that you have to spend fewer working hours on commissioning the installation.

With dynamx™ One you can commission your installation easier and faster than with other control valves. Simply walk through the work- spaces and adjust each dynamx™ One control valve with the app on your tablet or smartphone.

dynamx™ One allows you to set a different maximum flow rate for cooling and one for heating. The maximum flow switches automatically in function of heating or cooling. Does the owner or tenant of the building want to change the layout of a floor with more or fewer office spaces? With the app, you can reset the maximum flow rates even remotely.

The built-in sensors of dynamx™ One measure the required cooling and heating amounts. Ideal for checking and knowing the thermal consumption of a room, floor or part of a building: 100% transparent.

dynamx™ One immediately and automatically detects and compensates the pressure fluctuations in your HVAC system. Moreover, it requires no minimum pre-pressure and therefore a lower pump pressure. Once more, you save money and energy.

a smart choice

By using our dynamx ™ flow control valves, you ensure not only the optimal control of your terminal units like fan coils, climate ceilings, floor heating, etc. At the same time, balancing your hydronic system is automatically taken care of by this revolutionary valve. Ideal for systems with a variable flow rate.

The dynamx ™ flow control valves do it all. No more headaches. Do you find hydronic balancing tedious and expensive? The setting of design flows gives you grey hairs? Your balancing reports are obscure and unclear?

dynamx ™ One is the one valve, which does it all.

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Wireless commissioning for your system?
There is no easier way!

dynamx™ One is the first control valve on the market with a true wireless user interface using embedded Bluetooth® communication. It really makes sense. End users already control their HVAC system wirelessly. Why not commission it wirelessly also?