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Electric actuators (servomotors) control valves and air dampers play an important role in different systems, such as HVAC systems, industrial process controls, water treatment systems, energy management systems and fire suppression systems. Belparts has various kinds of electric actuators for:

Electric actuators for control valves

Belparts electric actuators comply with the best quality standards and work well with different control brands, making it easy to connect them to your automatic control system. Besides the standard electric drives, you can also get pneumatic ones. If you need, you can ask for special versions (such as, stainless steel, high temperature, etc.).

Actuators for air dampers

Air dampers need actuators to control their individual movement in any ventilation and air conditioning system. Air damper actuators open and close the air dampers, adjusting the air flow in the system as needed.

Belparts air damper actuators provide reliability, precision and low power consumption, enhancing the performance and comfort of your ventilation and air conditioning systems. Moreover, Belparts also offers the essential accessories, such as auxiliary switches and feedback potentiometers, to guarantee that your system works smoothly.

Specifications actuators for control valves::

  • Stroke max.: 9mm to 100mm
  • Force: 150N to 25.000N
  • Uv: Ac 24 Volt, AC 115V or AC 230 Volt
  • Y: modulating, 3-point (3-wire connection) or 0..10Vdc
  • Overload protected
  • Running time adjustable
  • Manual override

Specifications actuators for air dampers:

  • Universal actuators 90°: designed to work with different types of air dampers that require 90-degree rotation. This makes the actuators versatile and compatible with different systems.
  • Protection rating IP54: this makes the actuators resistant to dust, dirt and moisture.
  • Universal terminal block: this makes installing the actuator easy and provides flexibility when connecting the motor to the control system.
  • Control signal: our actuators can be controlled with different control signals, including on/off, 3-point or proportional 0…10 Vdc.
  • Standard torque: the actuators are available in different torques ranging from 5-10-15-20-30-40Nm.
  • Actuators with spring return: for extra reliability and safety, we also supply servomotors with spring return, ranging from 3-5-10-20Nm.

The actuators for control valves are divided into the following series:

  • 20_
  • 80F_
  • 250F_
  • 500F_
  • 2503U_
  • NC103_
  • NC253_

The actuators for air dampers are divided into the following series:

Standard actuators for air dampers

  • CM24B_
  • LM24B_ / LM230B_
  • NM24B_ / NM230B_
  • RM24B_ / RM230B_
  • SM24B_ / SM230B_
  • PM24B / PM230B_
  • GM24B_ / GM230B_

Spring return actuators for air dampers

  • KF24B_ / KF230B_
  • LF24B_ / LF230B_
  • NF24B_ / NF230B_
  • SF24B_ / SF230B_

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