Revolutionary flow control
system for climate ceilings
with change-over function


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Belparts dynamx DXC

The ultimate all-in-1 solution
for electronic pressure
independent flow control


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When comfort

The greater the comfort levels for end-users, the higher their work place efficiency. Our Belparts innovations and solutions offer more comfort which drives end-user efficiency.

Meets performance

Our HVAC field devices are not only easy to install and to commission. They also make the best use of energy and ensure lower costs over the entire life cycle.


dynamx flow control valves are the ultimate all-in-one solution for pressure independent flow control (PICV), hydronic balancing, energy efficiency and comfort control in utility buildings.


Our energetx products save costs in each part of your HVAC-system ranging from control valves to rotating valves, valve actuators, air dampers actuators, terminal controls and sensors.

Technologies we use

Dynamic Flow Networking®

With our revolutionary Dynamic Flow Networking® (DFN) concept, you will get the very best out of your HVAC systems for years.


By analysing the DNA of your HVAC systems to the smallest detail, Belparts optimises the performance of these systems while saving on cost and energy.

About Belparts

Belparts is specialized in the development, production and marketing of components for the automation of HVAC systems in buildings.

With its Dynamic Flow Networking® concept, Belparts introduces a new method for the comfort control & energy management in buildings.