Terminal control valves and terminal controls

Belparts naregelafsluiters en naregelingen
Belparts Products Terminal control valves and terminal controls

Belparts terminal control valves for zone control

To regulate the water temperature in HVAC systems based on heating or cooling needs, a terminal control valve is used. They control the water temperature for HVAC terminal units, such as fan coil units, climate ceilings and induction units, which affect the temperature in different zones and improve the comfort level in a building. Belparts terminal control valves can have either a thermal actuator or an electric actuator. Thermal actuators are a simple and reliable way to operate terminal control valves.

Benefits of Belparts readjustment valves

  • Compatible with any control system: whether you use a building management system (BMS) or another control system, Belparts drives are suitable for integration into existing infrastructures.
  • Pluggable assembly: easy installation and ease of maintenance.
  • Position indication : clear visual indication of valve position.
  • ‘First open’ function: this function ensures that the valve is first fully opened before being moved to the desired position.

Advanced 6-port valves, series N6

For HVAC systems that need both heating and cooling, such as in contemporary buildings with adjustable climate control, switching between heating and cooling is crucial, for example with climate ceilings. Belparts 6-port control ball valves are made for this purpose. They have a special built-in overpressure protection device, which stops the system pressure from going over a certain limit.

6-port control valve

Belparts terminal controls help adjust rooms precisely

Measuring temperature, humidity, pressure differences and air quality is important for comfort in a building. You can control individual rooms with terminal controls. This way, the temperature and other factors match the users’ needs. Belparts terminal controls have different designs and work well with climate ceilings, VAV (Variable Air Volume) systems, underfloor heating and other HVAC systems. The terminal controls are customized for each building and room. You can connect them to a building management system with a MODBUS or BACnet link.

How Belparts terminal controls benefit you

  • Easy to install and integrate in new or existing HVAC systems
  • Save money by optimizing energy use

Specifications terminal control vaves:

  • Number of ports: 2-port terminal control valve, 3-port terminal control valve (mixing or diverting), 4-port terminal control valve (3-port with bypass) en 6-port terminal control valve.
  • Type of connections: threaded female or threaded male (available with anyincupling pieces).
  • DN size: DN10 to DN32
  • Temperature range: +2..+100°C
  • Power supply: AC 24 Volt or AC 230 Volt
  • Control signal Y: our actuators support various control signals, including on/off, PWM, 0..10Vdc or 3-point.

Specifications terminal controls:

  • On/Off switching outputs
  • Bi-metal or electronic
  • Uv: AC 24 Volt or AC 230 Volt
  • Electronic: 3-point, PMW or 0..10Vdc outputs

The terminal control valves are divided into the following series:

2-port terminal control valves

  • NV2D_A
  • NV2D_AM
  • NG2P_
  • NDV2D_

3-port terminal control valves

  • NG3P_
  • NM3D_

4-port terminal control valves

  • NG4P_

6-port terminal control valves

  • N6_

The terminal valves are divided into the following series:

  • QTR_
  • DTM_
  • DT_

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