2-port and 3-port
flow-control valve

dynamx flow control regelafsluiter DXMB_B

DXMB_B • control valve PICV

The dynamx™ flow control valve DXMB_B is a four-in-one solution: it controls, balances, shuts off and monitors the energy flow. It works in HVAC heating and cooling systems that have variable flow. By having this combined function, the DXMB_B control valve removes the need for traditional manual balancing of the system.

Specifications DXMB_B

2-port and 3-port control valve, flow control cooling or heating
Size DN20
Hydraulic design electronic pressure independent control valve (E-PICV)
Design flow Vmax cooling and Vmax heating
Measuring principle calibrated ultrasonic flow rate measurement
Power supply Uv AC 24 Volt
I/O 2x Ai, 1x Ao
Control signal 0..10Vdc or digital
MP Multi Protocol MODBUS  |  BACnet  | Bluetooth Mesh
Commissioning App dxLink21™ via Bluetooth on Android and iOS
Standard with integrated ΔT measurement, and energy registration for cooling and heating

The dynamx™ APP allows you to easily install and commission dynamx™ control valves. You can access all the information you need quickly and conveniently on your smartphone or tablet.

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