Belparts present at the CRH 2024 trade fair in Beijing

The CRH 2024 trade fair, held in Beijing on April 8–10, 2024, is a significant event in the HVAC industry, showcasing the latest advancements and providing a platform for professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas. Among the notable presentations, Gert Beckers of Belparts is introducing the innovative dynamx™ technology, which represents a leap forward in intelligent flow control valves for smart buildings

This technology integrates multiple functions into a single valve, offering a streamlined solution for the automation of HVAC systems. The dynamx™ valves are designed to provide automatic balancing, wireless commissioning, and separate maximum flow rates for cooling and heating, which could lead to more efficient energy use and reduced installation time. The presentation of such technologies at CRH 2024 highlights the ongoing innovation within the HVAC industry and its commitment to sustainability and efficiency.