N6 terminal control valves

Our energetx 6-way ball valves N6 are the most advanced in the market. They are used for switching between heating and cooling (change-over) and are provided with a unique integrated over-pressure protection.

Why choose for these 6-way ball valves?

  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Large range of different Kvs values
  • Valve body with flat connections G½ or G1″ (ISO228)
  • Tight sealing (leakage rate A according EN12266-1)
  • Reliable, high quality manufacture
  • Easy mounting for the electric actuator
  • Seamless integration with each BMS-system on the market
  • Saving energy

Technical specifications of the N6 valves

[vc_table allow_html=”1″],|[b]Construction,6-way%20change-over|[b]Medium%20temperature,%2B5%C2%B0C..%2B90%C2%B0C|[b]Nominal%20pressure,PN16%20(16bar)|[b]Kvs%20value,0%2C25%20..%204%2C25m%C2%B3%2Fh|[b]Valve%20body,messing|[b]Medium,water%2C%20max.%2050%25%20glycol|[b]Mounting,flat%20connections%20G%C2%BD%22%20or%20G1%22|[b]%CE%94p%3Csub%3Emax%3C%2Fsub%3E,2bar[/vc_table]


You are looking for more information on our N6 6-way ball valves? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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