6-port terminal control valves / ball valves N6

6-weg naregelafsluiter / regelkogelkraan

6-port ball valves with actuators

Our energetx 6-way ball valves N6 are the most advanced in the market. They are used for switching between heating and cooling (change-over) and are provided with a unique integrated over-pressure protection.

The 6-port control valves, type N6_ , are suitable for application in the zone control of hot and cold water circuits in HVAC installations with a medium temperature of +5°C to +90°C and a system pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). These control valves are applied for hydraulic control of zones and terminal control units such as cooling ceilings, climate ceilings, fan-coil units, etc.

This type of brass control valves is equipped with flat couplings with male thread and is supplied with or without tail pieces with male thread. For easy integration into the BMS system, the N6_ control valves can be equipped with Belparts electric actuators. These actuators are available either for 3-point control (3P) or modulating control Y: 0(2)..10Vdc.

Why choose for these 6-way ball valves N6?

  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Large range of different Kvs values
  • Valve body with flat connections G½ or G1″ (ISO228)
  • Tight sealing (leakage rate A according EN12266-1)
  • Reliable, high quality manufacture
  • Easy mounting for the electric actuator
  • Seamless integration with each BMS-system on the market
  • Saving energy

Technical specifications terminal control valves N6

Construction 6-way change-over
Medium temperature +5°C..+90°C
Nominal pressure PN16 (16bar)
Kvs value 0,25 .. 4,25m³/h
Valve body messing
Medium water, max. 50% glycol
Mounting flat connections G½” or G1″
Δpmax 2bar

Category: control valves, terminal control valves, 6-way valves, ball valves, control ball valve, climate ceilings, changeover, heating/cooling, R30, R3015

The 6-port terminal control valves are divided into the following series:

  • N6P15_
  • N6P25_

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