Terminal control valves

Belparts offers the most innovative solutions for the terminal control of HVAC systems on the market.

Thermo-electric actuators

Discover our innovative solution:

  • compatible with each BMS control system
  • power supply: AC 24 Volt or AC 230 Volt
  • control signal Y: open/close, PWM, 0 .. 10Vdc, split-range, etc.
  • removable cable connector
  • visible position indication 360°
  • “first-open” function


2-way, 3-way or 4-way terminal control valves

Typical application in all sorts of end units such as fan-coil units, induction units, VAV boxes, cool- and climate ceilings, cooling boxes, …

6-way terminal control valves N6

Suitable for switching between heating and cooling (change-over) as for example in climate ceilings. The N6 series is provided with a unique integrated over-pressure protection.