Specific control valves

Each building is different.  Do you construct a private property or an industrial complex? Do you have an application in the agricultural sector? Are you building a food processing company, and do you need stainless steel components? Depending on the situation, you need a control valve which satisfies your demands.

Therefore, Belparts offers a number of specific control valves:

  • PN6
  • PN16
  • PN25
  • PN40
  • Stainless steel

Available in diameters DN15 up to DN300.

Currently we can deliver also bigger sizes, selected for you on project-base.

All of these components are especially developed fot the regulation of hydraulic circuits for industrial installations, air-conditioning and central heating.

On request we can also deliver “specials”, such as:

  • Control valves with specific dimensions (for example as a replacement in an existing installation)
  • Special kits for the “retro-fit” of existing control valves.
  • Explosion-proof actuators (ATEX)
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Control valves for water circuits with medium temperature at -10°C