NATO Brussels

The new NATO Headquarters have been designed around staff needs. The state-of-the-art building will ensure maximum flexibility so that working space can be configured in different ways to suit individual and collective needs. The new headquarters will reflect the Alliance’s core functions and activities of supporting formal and informal consultation and co-operation between NATO’s member nations and between member nations and partners, other countries, as well as other international organizations.

Project information

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple”],|Project,NATO%20Headquarters%2C%20Offices|City,BE%20-%20Brussels|Builder,BAM|Architect,Skidmore%2C%20Owings%20%26%20Merrill%20(SOM)%20and%20Belgium%20architect%2C%20Assar.|Surface,245.000%20m2[/vc_table]