Measuring is knowing.  An accurate registration of temperature, humidity, pressure difference or air quality is very important to secure the comfort in your building. With the ongoing development of it’s sensor program, Belparts offers a growing number of user benefits.

  • temperature:
    • immersion temperature sensors for piping
    • duct temperature sensors
    • strap-on sensors
    • outside temperature sensors
    • cable sensors
    • immersion sensors
    • immersion temperature sensors for quick measurement
  • relative humidity
  • pressure & pressure difference
  • air quality
  • light intensity
  • presence detection
  • movement detection
  • ambient condition sensors/controllers
  • CO
  • CO2
  • smoke
Ruimtetemperatuur voelers

Besides a complete range of passive sensors (several measure elements, following the used BMS, we can also deliver active sensors: either 0..10Vdc or 4..20mA.