Cost effective HVAC-DNA

Many small savings lead to considerable overall cost reductions. Analyzing the HVAC DNA uncovers significant energy savings, even in unexpected places – whether at the production, distribution, or terminal control level.

How to save costs?

Optimizing HVAC controls

Heating and cooling systems are comprised of hundreds of individual components. Each one of these provides opportunities for cost savings – right from the boiler stage. Belparts specializes in the production of field devices for building automation which help optimize comfort control and save energy and costs at the same time.

Energy efficient distribution

An efficient HVAC system distributes the right amount of heating or cooling to every space within a building taking into account their specific needs. The correct sizing of pumps, butterfly valves, control valves, and piping, based on the precise requirements of each workspace, provides substantial cost savings from Day One.

Greater precision in temperature control

The more precisely end users are able to control ambient temperature, the less energy is wasted. Is each individual room control device sufficiently precise and energy efficient? Belparts sees to it that every room is controlled by the optimal terminal control solution depending on the type of end unit (like climate ceiling, floor heating, fan coil units, heating panels, etc.).

The right sensor for the right measurement

Similar precision is applied when selecting sensors such as temperature and air pressure sensors for the ventilation system. A good control requires a good measurement indeed. It pays to pay attention to every aspect of air control to maximize comfort and minimize energy consumption. In this way comfort is optimized and energy consumption is reduced to its minimum level.