Revolutionary flow control
system for climate ceilings
with change-over function


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Belparts energetx RZ2P en RH2P

Daily energy savings
thanks to high quality
HVAC components


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Universal field devices
integrate perfectly into
any type of BMS


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HVAC solutions

More comfort, lower lifetime cost

The greater the comfort levels for the occupants of a building, the higher their work place efficiency.

Maximum comfort for your co-workers

With the Dynamic Flow Networking (DFN) concept, you get the best out of your heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) systems  for years. The system optimizes the working comfort, regardless of the occupation in a certain room.

Thanks to the DFN, you can realize a lot of advantages:

• lower lifetime cost (LTC)
• a greener image
• more comfort
• very simple and efficient commissioning

Optimize HVAC now… save on costs in a durable way

By analyzing the DNA of your heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) systems  to the smallest detail, Belparts can optimize the performance of these systems. There are a lot of possibilities to save on cost and energy in utility buildings.

Save your money from day one and during the whole lifespan of your building project. The Belparts field components limit the total lifetime cost (LTC) of your HVAC-systems:

• less energy consumption
• a greener image
• more comfort
• lower costs of maintenance