6-way variable
flow control valves

dynamx DXN6_B

Dynamic Flow
Networking (DFN)

Our dynamx™ variable flow control valves, series DXN6_B are based on the revolutionary Dynamic Flow Networking (DFN) concept and controls the energy consumption in a very precise way, depending on the desired conditions. This way, we guarantee the exact amount of energy is being distributed at the right moment to the right location. The result? A maximum amount of comfort with minimal energy costs.

European patent Nr. 2307938
Chinese patent Nr. ZL200880130728.9
US patent Nr. 9823666
Registered community design RCD N° 001167076-0001
Registered community design RCD N° 001167076-0002

What is DXN6_B?

The variable flow control valves, series DXN6_B, combine five functions in one device:

  1. Pressure independent flow control valve (PICV)
  2. 6-port ball valve for change-over function (heating/cooling)
  3. Balancing valve
  4. Motorized shut-off valve
  5. Energy monitoring device
dynamx One
dynamx One sensor

Why choose the DXN6_B
flow control valves?

  • 6-way electronic flow control valve (EPIV) for change-over applications
  • Dynamic hydronic balancing
  • Integrated flow and temperature sensors
  • Easy integration into any BMS system
  • Remote commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Energy monitoring and reduced consumption

specifications DXN6_B

Power supply Uv AC/DC 24 Volt
Control signal Y1 0..10Vdc or via the BUS
Medium temperature +5°C..+90°C
Nominal pressure PN16 (16bar)
Communication MODBUS RTU or BACnet MSTP (RS485)
Valve connection threaded connection G½” or G1″
Δpmax 2bar
User interface via wireless Bluetooth® communication
T° sensor(s) optionally with or without ΔT-measurement

your story?

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